A sample of my work for you to have a look at.


Reporting emerging authoritarianism

#netzwende: why Trump is the best thing to happen to journalism

The unwinnable game: the British Press and Brexit

American journalism in the Trump era

Mass surveillance and right to privacy: why we need more regulation

Gunmen Open Fire in French Neighbourhood

Vloggers Warned Over Unclear Ads

UN Launches Campaign to End Violence on Women

Drug Reform Magazine Launches in London

Garden Bridge Plan Edges Closer to Approval

Man Stabbed in E&C Shopping Centre

Women-Only Carriages Proposed to End Public Harassment

Social Media Divided on Afghanistan Withdrawal


In conversation with: Sarah Harrison (WikiLeaks)

Interview with: Franca Leosini – “Non racconto di chi vuole usarmi.”

Interview with: Explanatory Journalism, novità e potenzialità

Interview with: Cameron Barr – Re-gaining trust and reporting truth: journalism in the Trump era 

Interview with – Lightning talks by risk fellows


Three WWI Films to Watch For Remembrance Sunday

French Version of Band Aid 30 Song is Released

10 Must-see Films of 2015

Rest in Peace, Mr Darcy


High Rise

Testament of Youth

We Are The Giant

Say When/ Laggies

The Art of The Brick

Love, Rosie


Turin, A Chocolate City

6 Facts to Know Abouth Italian Cuisine


E poi un giorno parti e vai

Scintille di ricerca

Casa è dietro, il mondo avanti

Ars Libri, la gioia delle letture non-fiction

La Bellezza della Differenza

E adesso? Riflessioni sulla Brexit

“Il cambiamento è il risultato finale dell’apprendimento” (Leo Buscaglia)


The Berlusconi Generation



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