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Now and forever…

After 20 years of [Fascist] regime and five of war, we had once again become men with one face and one soul. We were ourselves again. We felt like civilised men again. No longer oppressed, but free men. On that day, dear friends, we lived one of the best experiences men is allowed to feel:…read more

On Theresa May and the “EU Migrants crisis”

As you probably gathered from the few posts I previously published on this website, I’m Italian. I was raised in Italy, attended Italian schools, and only fluently spoke my native language for the first 11 years of my life, yet my fascination with everything English had started long before the mandatory language classes in secondary…read more

I though it was right, but now I’m not sure

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no academic education about the Israel-Palestine conflict. The opinions expressed in this piece are my own and were influenced by basic history classes, recent news coverage, and personal interpretation of events.

Well, Hello World

I did it….By George, I did it (sorry, everyone, My Fair Lady‘s soundtrack has been stuck in my head for a few day now). This is the all new, self-hosted The Wandering Reporter. It’s still me, except now I have more control of my blog than I did before. It doesn’t seem much, bus as…read more