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After 20 years of [Fascist] regime and five of war, we had once again become men with one face and one soul. We were ourselves again. We felt like civilised men again. No longer oppressed, but free men. On that day, dear friends, we lived one of the best experiences men is allowed to feel: the miracle of freedom. – Norberto Bobbio

Today marks the 72nd Anniversary since the liberation of Italy from the Nazi-Fascist forces who had taken over following the 1943 armistice.

It’s a day to remember the struggle those who came before us had to face to give us the world we have today. The sacrifice, both physical and mental, they had to accept to guarantee the freedom of their descendents. It’s a day to thank all those who have fought for our rights, and to remember that they have not been freely given to us, but are the result of bloody fights, fights that gave birth to a more-or-less decent democracy.

Democracy is messy business, but it can be perfected. And those who pursue a different form of government, the demagogues who wish to silence the crowds with their thunderous voices and their words of fear: the only reason you are allowed to freely express yourself today is because of thousands of men and women who have laid down their lives instead of remaining indifferent in the face of horror and injustice.

So thank you to all the men and women of the Resistance who stood up in front of the oppressor. While we honour you today, we remember your hard work every single day.


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